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Billed annually No minimum commitment
Billed annually No minimum commitment
Billed annually No minimum commitment
  Plan Starter Plan Pro Plan Growth Plan Rocket
Leads Base 2,000 leads 5,000 leads 10,000 leads
Expand your Leads Base $25$25 / 1,000 additional leads $25$25 / 1,000 additional leads $50$50 / 2,000 additional leads
Lead capture form
Double opt-in in your leads capture
Leads activity timeline
RX info of each lead Limited features Additional features Additional features
Lead lists
Subscription to public leads lists
Segmentación inteligente de listas de leads
Leads import: CSV, gSheets, Hubspot
Email verification in leads imports
Leads Base automatic cleaning
Automatic email verification in every lead capture
Automatic recovering of obsolete leads
Leads export and Google Sheets integration
GDPR compliance out-of-the-box
Email marketing      
Email sending 10x the Leads Base tier per calendar month 10x the Leads Base tier per calendar month 10x the Leads Base tier per calendar month
Drip email marketing campaigns Up to 2 at a time Up to 10 at a time Up to 25 at a time
Email marketing campaigns Up to 2 at a time Up to 10 at a time Up to 25 at a time
Custom email templates
Plantillas de email basadas en un fichero HTML importado
Plantillas de newsletter basadas en contenidos del hub
Dynamic personalization of your emails at scale
Email template layouts 100% for all devices
Full email marketing campaign reports
Parametric dimensional email marketing reports
Email domains 1 2 5
Marketing automation      
Lead scoring and Lead grading 2 definitions or rules 5 definitions or rules 10 definitions or rules
Workflows 10 workflows 25 workflows 50 workflows
Manual workflows
Automation cycles Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Analytics and reports      
Website traffic analytics and reports Limited features Additional features Additional features
Parametric dimensional website traffic analytics
Editorial management      
Landing pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Blog and contents library
Content pieces Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Content types Limited features Additional features Additional features
Automated technical SEO out-of-the-box
Contents import
Events agenda
Multiple languages contents
Storage space for contents 2 Gb 5 Gb 25 Gb
Public and targeted contents collections
Categories, products, solutions
Custom domain for your marketing hub
SSL certificate for your custom domain
Other features      
Admin users 3 users 10 users 20 users
100% mobility focused
Multi‑language platform
Integration with Google Search Console, Analytics and Tag Manager
CSS, typography and colors customization Limited features Additional features Additional features
And many more features...      

Prices are expressed in US Dollars, are a close estimate due to exchange rates and may vary without prior notice

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How does the 14-day free trial work?
Once you create a account you'll get access to your first marketing project or "inbound marketing hub" which you will be able to try and test for up to 14 days (or until you activate your account with a credit card based payment). You may cancel the account before activating and therefore nothing will be charged.
What happens after activating my account?
Once you activate your account using a debit or credit card, you are charged for the plan's cost and the billing cycle will begin. All the features of the plan you chose for your hub will be fully available. If you activate for example, if you activate on January 12th and you are on monthly billing, you will be charged automatically on next February 12th.
Are there any other costs when activating?
None! Only the monthly (or annual) recurring cost for each hub you add to your account. There is no other initial setup or onboarding fee.
Can I cancel at any time? Is it easy?
Of course you can! If your account was activated (and not unpaid or suspended) and you decide to cancel, you will not be charged any more since there is no minimum commitment. You can cancel with just a click and it takes effect immediately.
Is there any minimum commitment?
There is none! In you just pay for the service on a monthly or annual basis, and since there is no minimum commitment you can cancel it whenever you want and with no other additional costs or penalties.
Can I pay monthly? Or annually?
You may choose whichever of these modalities. In the case of Marketing Agencies and Business Partners, they are billed only on a monthly basis, since this adapts better to the business dynamics that they usually need. In the case of other SMEs that purchase directly from they usually choose to be billed annually to get a 20% OFF.
What payment methods can I use? accepts all major credit cards and debit cards.
I run a Marketing Agency. How can I manage each of our clients with
In's account management area there is a section from which you manage all your clients/accounts/projects. Also, you get an invoice for each one of your clients (marketing hubs) separatedly and each one of these hubs run on separate plans, to keep users, leads, automations and assets management as clear as possible. Finally, you have the complete freedom to assign and charge your clients the price that you consider convenient and fair according to your value added services.
Dedicated support over email, chat and phone
99.9% uptime the last 12 months
Serious about Security & Privacy

Hundreds of marketing teams are already
highly productive and efficient
Hundreds of companies are now
productive and efficient

Free trial Schedule a demo
Start your 14 day free trial
No credit card needed
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